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Hey Everyone,

So, I'm in the market for a CPO A4, B9. Had a '15 GTI a couple of years ago and miss the 2.0! A couple of questions for you Audi experts.

1) I've noticed a huge difference in pricing on used A4s. Do trim levels and options really make the value jump from 25k to about 39k even with the same miles? A base premium that i'm looking at (in my price range... about $23-25k) compared to a prestige or prem+ with sport package can be up to a $10-12k difference in price. Am I missing something? All I really want is that powerful 252hp engine and AWD.

2) With that said, are there any real performance differences between them? All I've seen is the sport suspension upgrade but is there anything else like clutches/sport transmissions or engine upgrades between them? I'm asking because ultimately if I decide to tune it (i had a APR stage 1 on my '15 GTI) I want to get the best platform for it. Don't really care about suspension as I would probably upgrade that if I went down the mod route anyways.

3) Is there a way to have the dealer confirm the car I'd be looking at never had a tune on it or was modded? Even though I'd probably put a tune on eventually myself, I want to buy one that is "fresh" and hasn't been tuned or possibly abused. Also, I know from the GTI days that a dealer could flag you as TD1... and if the car is already flagged, obviously I'd want to know for warranty purposes and I'd pass on it. With the popularity of the tunes these days, you'd think Audi would have a solution for this and certifying cars that might have been tuned/flagged.

Anyways, thanks for any help as I'd like to soon join the Audi club!
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