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A4 Speaker Size

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Are the factory speakers a 6.5" or 6.75" speaker? I have received conflicting information from multiple sources.
To remove the speakers, do you just pull the grill or do you have to disassemble the door to get them out?
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Re: A4 Speaker Size (jstover)

go to crutchfield.com or call them, they'll let you know.
good luck.
Re: A4 Speaker Size (jstover)

You have 6 and a half in both the front and rear. You will actually need to take the entire door panel off to change out the speaker.
Re: A4 Speaker Size (VR6eric)

Crutchfield says 6.75. 2 other programs/sources say 6.5". Which is it?
Re: A4 Speaker Size (jstover)

get all the facts...is it the bose system b/c if it is then speakers are located in the door.
If non-bose like mine..then they are on the shelf.
According to Crutchfields, no EZ fit...need a special mounting bracket from them to drop a 6.5 or 6.75.
Re: A4 Speaker Size (Mario Maverick)

Well, in my mother's 2000 A4 1.8T without the Bose package, the speakers are really 4.5" (or whatever the standard 4" size is) and I had to buy MB Quart speaker adapters to be able to get my Boston ProSeries 5.5s to fit. I had to remove the door to do this. I assume the 6.??" size refers to the 2002s, but I also think that even if Audi did use 6.75" speakers, 6.5s shouldn't require much or any "adapting" at all to fit.
Re: A4 Speaker Size (EuroFan)

Yes, actually the front door size is only 4 inches. But that is great if you can fit 5 1/2 in the front door. Where did you get the adaptors and are the Bostons' better than the MB Quartz?
I think the standard 4 inch size is way too small and the rears are supposed to be 6.5 inches.
Re: A4 Speaker Size (Mario Maverick)

As was mentioned here, a special mounting adapter is required.
So, you can use both 6.5 and 6.75.
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