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Hello everyone. I have a 1987 Vanagon (my wife's daily driver) that has a 95' 2.0l ABA block with a 86' 1.8l head and intake. I am in the process of switching from the Digifaint 2 to an all new OBD2 system.
The problem is with the Crank shaft sensor trigger wheel that is supposed to be attached to the crank. It was deleted during the conversion(Digi doesnt use a crank sensor). So it throws a code and wont start. It must have happened during the conversion from the water boxer to the ABA. My big question is about External Crank Trigger Kits like the one 034 Motorsports has for 16v engines. Do they work? I am not looking for Tach twisting rpms just want this thing to run. I am planning the future intall of an entire turn key crate engine so I am just looking to get what I can out of this engine without tearing it apart. Its supposed to be a 60-2 wheel and that is what the kit includes. Clearance is not an issue because of the way the engine is installed in the Vanagon.
The guy at 034 is not sure if his kit will work on an 8v ABA block. But its made for a 16v ABA/ABF so it should fit. Seems the only difference is the head.
So my questions are:

Do external crank sensors work?

Is the 16v ABA block the same as the 8v, when it comes to mounting locations for brackets?

Has anyone else used an external crank sensor? Pictures? Pros, Cons?

Can anyone tell me where to get a reluctor wheel/crank trigger for a 96 2.0l ABA?

Thank you very much, Mike
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