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I bought a ABA Block mounted to an 86 CIS-E Head that has been thouroughly ported and is sporting a 272 Shrick cam. it's all built for flow including portmatched intake manifold and a Dual Down Pipe.
I need a Cat to fit the downpipe and a proper sized exhaust.
I've heard of well ported 1.8l 8v's running the TT 2.25 Exhaust and it being a proper match to add some high RPM flow advantages.
I was thinking that with the 2.0l I'd be needing a 2.5 to ensure I have some room to spare in the flow dept. (I may upgrade to a 280 or 288 Cam when the car goes race only maybe throttle bodies or carbs!!!).
Anyhow I was surfing the TT site and I could only find 2.5 in exhausts for VR6 swaps. Is a 2.5in. over kill for a 2.0???? I don't want to kill my bottom end for 2 hp at the top. Does anyone have any recommendations from personal experience??? I know theres a few of you guys on here.....
Also What's the size on the Dual Downpipe Cat 50mm or 55mm?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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