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Hi All,

I'm finishing up swapping an OBD2 ABA into a 78 VW bus camper. I'm using a stock ABA motor and harness, but not a stock fuse box. I've had the bus running in the garage with this setup, but I wasn't happy with some of the wiring, so I re-did it, and now it won't start.

Basically, starter engagement is all bus, no ABA ECM control over that. Same with cooling fans and fuel pump. The ECM is just running the engine itself.

I have spark, and I believe I have power to the injectors, but I'm not sure the injectors are cycling. Can anyone tell me the best way to check that the ECM is firing the injectors? Will putting a meter on them burn up the injector driver in the ECM?

What sensors are *NEEDED* for an ABA to start/run? I have the MAF, air temp, coolant temp, distributor, O2, and crank position wired in. Basically everything but the emissions stuff.
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