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Hi. This is my first post so please forgive me if this is not in the right place or I'm just generally doing it wrong.

Coming back to Mk2 ownership after 10 years (Used to have a standard mk2 16v). Bought a car that looked pretty good on the surface but now i've gotten into the wiring I can see it's a mess.

I've got an ABF engined CE2 8v Mk2 that runs fine once it's warm but won't idle when cold and blows fuse 15 as soon as you turn the ignition. So I have a bad connection or a short in 'Engine electronis and ISV' which sounds pretty general.

Ive tried looking for obvious shorts but the wiring in the car is just horrible with extensions on extensions and load of spare unused plugs hanging about.

Ive searched previous posts for this problem but the pictures that the posts refer to are no longer available re: common plugs and problems to check.

Can anyone help\? Where do I check first and which plugs/components are associated with this fuse? What's the best procedure to chase down this short in Fuse 15? Any pointers would be appreciated.

There's sa host of other issues too )like the Rev counter and MFA not working or what looks like a temperature sensor strapped to the ECU) but probably best to hit them one at a time. One look at the fuses is a pretty good indicator of how carefully this thing has been wired.


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