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About engine temp???

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??? About engine temp???

Hey everyone I have a question about my engine temp.... Normally its right in the middle, no problems at all..... well its winter i live in NC, and its pretty cold right about now.... normally when my car is warmed up it will stay right in the middle of the dial (not sure the exact temp), anyway, the last month or so when its cold outside, and my car is warmed up, the temp is a little bit below the middle.... is this something to be concerned about???? any comments would be appreciated...
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Re: ??? About engine temp??? (CrossFlowGolf)

Nothing to worry about, it physics.
Extreme outside temps will reflect in the radiators ability to keep the engine operating at its prescribed operating temp. All things considered, fresh coolant, working thermostat and fan, you should be fine.
Re: ??? About engine temp??? (PDQtrek)

Thank you for the info, I was just making sure, because last year I didnt remember my car doing that but I guess that was when I wasn't into tunning my car and I probably didnt pay that much attention. Thanks again
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