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i want to rebuild my vr6 using 3.0 je pistons i was wondering on what the machining of the block would cost? heres what i want done to the block and i dont need anything assembeled just need the following done.
Balance & blueprint & polish rods and crank
Magnafluxed block, rods and crank,
Bore & hone w/torque plate,
Line bore and
Jet wash block


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Re: about how much would this machining cost? (AgentVW)

matrix said they would charge me about $500us for just a 3.1 bore and clearancing.
I am also getting my rods shot peened and the whole works balanced for about $160us.
Not too sure about the magnafluxing and I don't think line boring is really necesary unless you spun a bearing if messed something up.
Rod polishing can be done by your self before sending them for balancing and jet washing the block is prabably pretty cheap.
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