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about the corrado wing???

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i would need the wing of course, the motor, harness, and switch. does it bolt into the same wholes as my glx wing by any chance. or would i have to patch and re drill?? im thinking about fittng it onto a spare trunk then haveing the towo painted and then wiring it. when i put it on??? what would you suggest???
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Re: about the corrado wing??? (jdk203)

fit it on the spare trunk, preferably one that didn't come with a wing, as the holes don't line up. you have to cut fairly sizable holes in the trunk for the rado wing.
Re: about the corrado wing??? (Pfeil)

new holes, however there is some overlap, and you can buy some rubber gaskets to keep the trunk watertight and not necessarily have to weld the old holes over.
if you measure 3 times and cut once, you should be able to get away without having to repaint the whole trunk (unless you decide to do some shaving / custom metal work at the same time)
Re: about the corrado wing??? (Slap)

im trying to get ahold of a wing from like a gl the paint part is no problem but im not planning on doing anything other than mounting the wing. do any companys sell the wing and motor new ??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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