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Car Leon 2002 20VT
This is what happened:
- Stopped for gas on the way back from work,
- TCS light did not turn off
- Stopped at the ATM
- Car stalled on fisrt try to start
- Second try engine starts and CEL is on

Got home and checked with VAGCOM
Engine 06A 906 032 HN engine AUQ Seat Leon 20VT 2002
16486 air mass meter - G70 - signal too low
checked the MAF on group 003, reading at idel is 0.5 g/s
Fuse is OK
Checked the cabling and all voltages are ok
MAF should be toasted - my first on this car 36,000 kms
Control Module Part Number: 1C0 907 379 D
ASR FRONT MK60 0103 Software Coding: 0022017
1 Fault Found:
01314 - Engine Control Module
013 - Check DTC Memory
The manual says to check the ECM and clear codes before trying to fix this.
So question is :
The ABS controller is just being kind and is telling me to check the ECM?
if so how cute !
Any comments ?
Thanks in advance

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Re: ABS controller - DTC 01314 (amgtorre)

Yes, the ABS controller also has traction control duties. It relies on the MAF signal from the engine to get an accurate picture of torque. The ABS controller is basically snitching on the engine.
0.5 g/s from a running engine definitely sounds like a bad MAF.

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Re: ABS controller - DTC 01314 (amgtorre)

replaced the MAF ,
cleared my codes
@idle the new MAF read abot 3 g/s while the previous maf read 2 g/s at about 720 rpms, maybe I had the AC on I can not recall.
car drove beautifully for about 2 whole blocks
then engine hesitated strangely ...
I was monitoring block 002 all this time ,
after the hesitation the MAF was measuring again steady 0.5 g/s
Same DTCs as before ... what !??!?!?!?!
I hope this was the shortest lived MAF and not that my car is now burning MAFs.
I called the shop where the MAF was bought and told them the MAF failed , they'll replace it (this time ) ...
I was driving slowly and the thing just died , max rpms were under 4000 ... with some boost, nothing major.
I'm currently stuck ... no idea why this happened.
any comments will be appreciated,

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