For the past number of years, ABT Sportsline has prepared an extra special model for the German Polizei at the Essen motor show, to help promote road safety and responsible tuning. This year, it’s a 530 hp Audi RS4 Avant that’s looking particularly hot in the blue and silver markings.

It’s called the Tune it! Safe! campaign and has in past years included VWs, Audis, and even BMW i8s. We’re particularly fond of this one because it’s a wagon. Based on ABT’s modified RS4 Avant badged the RS4-R.

The 2.9L twin-turbo V6 has been boosted with an ABT Power S upgrade to take it from 450 hp to 530. There’s also an ABT  exhaust  with quad carbon pipes to help it stand out. There are 21-inch alloys on a fully adjustable coilover system too.

Then it’s decked out in the blue and silver Polizei graphics pack, with some yellow highlights for visibility. Once the car’s done at the display, it’ll be used for the safety campaign and safe tuning initiative put on by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, the German Association of Automobile Tuners (VDAT), Hankook Tire, and other partners. The goal is to show drivers how much they can modify their cars while still keeping it safe and within the vehicle regulations.

We’d definitely get out of the left lane for this one.