This 400 hp ABT Sportsline Mk7 Golf R is putting the Mercedes-AMG A45 on notice.

While the Golf R and its 292 hp turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder aren't exactly suffering from a power deficit, the car can be overshadowed by the 400 hp Audi RS3 and the Mercedes-AMG A45's 381 hp. If you're worried about the R not being quick enough, ABT Sportsline has just introduced their answer.

Thanks to ABT's specially developed ECU, the tuner has managed to find a few more horses hiding in the barn--108 of them, to be exact. That brings the total for the modified Golf R up to 400. Torque jumps too, from 295 lb-ft to 369. ABT fits a bigger exhaust system with 102 mm quad-tips in extra-mean black chrome.

ABT lowering springs drop the R by 20 mm (0.8-in) in front, and 25 mm (1.0-in)at the back, helping reduce body roll. ABT anti-roll bars are on the options list, as is a height-adjustable suspension that can drop the car up to 40 mm (1.6-in)in front and 45 mm (1.8-in) in the rear.

Stopping the 400 hp monster-Golf is an available six-piston fixed-caliper brake system. The big brakes fit inside a choice of wheels in 18 through 20-inch sizes.

ABT Sportline adds side skirts and a rear diffuser to show off that you're not dealing with a stock R. Or maybe to warn A45 and RS3 owners.