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Yesterday I took the opportunity to try out the air conditioner in my 1995 jetta GL.

It doesn't work very well. You can hardly tell it's on.

It was just recharged in july, 2001 by the previous owner.

I bought it in october, and it's been too cold to really tell if it worked or not.

Anyway, what kind of thing can I check to see if the system needs recharged?

when you turn on recycle mode, the car smells like cigarettes.

The prev owner was a chain smoker. the whole car was yellow on the inside when I got it.

I have since replaced the seats, and cleaned the rest of the car.

Does the Jetta have some sort of air filtration/pollen catcher filter?

If so, how do I take it out and clean it?

(and might that help the AC system to work better)

I am no pro with AC systems, but i'm willing to check things out if one of you tells me test points, or what I need to buy to reassure it doesn't leak r134 out if I DO fill it back up.



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Re: AC doesn't work very well (volvo_skapunk)

There's a sight glass on the receiver/dryer (black cylinder with little glass porthole on top just inside right fender by aircleaner box), check that for bubbles. Should be almost bubble free with AC on and engine at idle. If you see a stream of bubbles you have low charge...a leak since it was just recharged according to the previous owner?
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