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Hey all, hope everything is well!

I've got an 01 1.8t Golf whose A/C recently started working only intermittently and has now stopped altogether.

I've already done some basic troubleshooting with a meter, and confirmed that;
A. The fuses inside the cabin for the climate control are not blown
B. The A/C switch inside the cabin works, as it lights up.
C. The compressor clutch itself still works, when 12V is applied to the plug on top of it, and the engine on. AC Blows cold in this state.
D. The plug on top of to compressor is locked at 9.3V, and will not supply 12V to the compressor, all though this is with the plug disconnected.
E. The fuses on top of the battery are not blown, and all are continuous to the plug on the right side of the fuse box.
F. The radiator fans both work fine, and turn on when the engine has been idling a while.

I do not have a PWM function on my meter to measure the output from the pressure sensors, but I'm going to assume they're still working as the issue seems to be that the compressor clutch is not getting its 12V.

Im also assuming this may be due to a bad fan control module? Without the PWM function on a meter, I can't verify that everything works, but based on how it's acted recently, those sensors should be working.

Would I be crazy to spend the 30 bucks on an fcm or am I missing something obvious here?

I'll be happy to provide any more info, and thanks for taking the time to read my woes! Have a good one! 馃榿

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Check the mkIV forums

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Done! Found the troubleshooting guide for fans/ac. The pressure switch next to the firewall is suspect. Fans do not go low when ac is on and the pressure switch is showing less than 2V, which means I'm either low on refrigerant, or the switch is bad. Either way, I probably need to hit a shop to check, since I don't have an AC guage
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