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acceleration of 1.8T

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I just purchased a 2002 1.8T Passat Wagon. I had to bring it back to the dealer for a couple of problems the first week, so they let me borrow a Jetta (with the 1.8T) for the day. The Jetta was much faster, whether from off a stop or when accelerating from highway speeds.
I checked VW's stats and see that the acceleration for the two cars should be similar with the 1.8T. I realize the Jetta is lighter, but my Passat just plain seems sloooow.
I knew the Passat would be a little slow compared to my 1990 Maxima, and knew about the turbo lag, and built all of that in to my expectations.
I am still suprised at how the Passat responds. I don't remember my test drives (in other Passats with 1.8T) being that slow. Actually, I was pretty impressed during the test drives.
Does this sound normal or is it possible my Passat is not performing as it should?
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Re: acceleration of 1.8T (jeffreynimz)

Hello Jeffrey - let me be the first to welcome you to the Vortex, and congratulate you on your purchase! Wagons are great, and Passat wagons are even better.
In reference to your query, many here will post that you should upgrade the OEM ECU chip, to allow greater boost values. While this will certainly solve your 'sloooow' acceleration problems, you may/may not wish to tamper with this delicate piece of your new car's fuel management system.
Passat's will seem slower than the boosted Jettas, primarily (as you mentioned) because of weight, but also gearing (if I'm not mistaken). Your wagon (Tip?) has a fairly tall 5 gear, but not a very torquey 1st gear. You'll quickly develop a feel for the acceleration characteristics, and adjust your driving style accordingly. I've found that a gradual yet strong depression of the throttle from dead stop yeilds better results than mashing the throttle (which you probably shouldn't be doing at all until your break in period is complete!)
On the other hand, if you notice greater slowness than what you experienced during your test drive, perhaps a problem exists with the blow off valve. Can anyone here shed some light on what could mechanically cause Jeffrey's car to drag abnormally? Whatever the reason, if there indeed is a problem - you are fully covered under warranty.
Lastly, remember that the Passat 20V (unless heavily modified) is not a drag racer. It is - however - a very stable and nimble car at speed.

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Re: acceleration of 1.8T (jeffreynimz)

Test drive another Passat to compare your car with it. This will be the best way to determine if your car is running as it should, or is there is something wrong with yours. If it turns out to be a problem, have them check the DIVERTER VALVE. This is the part that I think Bill was mentioning. Blow off valves are somewhat similar, but our cars don't have them. The release the extra pressure instead of redirecting them like the diverter valve from what I know.
As far as the Jetta, the Jetta 1.8T is lighter and the HP is rated at 180 vs 170 hp for the Passat. The Jetta is marketed towards being sportier, so it has been given a HP bump. Passat 1.8T on the other hand is the base engine for a family sedan.

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Re: acceleration of 1.8T (RJC)

Please don't push your new Passat too hard in built-in period. Thanks.
Re: acceleration of 1.8T (jeffreynimz)

Chip the car with a spare ECU so that you can swape them for dealer visits.
Then buy a KO4 turbo and an exhaust after warrenty is up and your talking.

That's the gameplan for my A4 at least.
A 2002 APR chip alone will give you 215hp/245lb crank @ 93 octane, all three could land would at 230hp/255lb or so.
Not too bad for a stock manifolds, of course you could get one of those too. . . but Inconel steel is really expensive yet would land you in the realm of 250 hp or so. (crank remember)
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Re: acceleration of 1.8T (jeffreynimz)

If you told us the transmissions in the two cars, that would help immensely. Most people complain that the 1.8T in a Passat coupled with an automatic feels quite anemic. Also, the car will get (slightly) quicker as it is broken in.
Re: acceleration of 1.8T (jeffreynimz)

Remember that VW's are slow to break in! It takes at least 5000 miles to reach full performance. My 99 tiptronic was nice at first but after the first service at 5000 miles the performance was noticeably better than when new.
Re: acceleration of 1.8T (Triumph)

Thanks for all of the responses. My Passat 1.8T has a tiptronic. I will try to find another 1.8T tiptronic to test drive to see if my Passat is slower and will keep in mind the break in period.
Given that the Jetta is lighter, does anyone know why on VW's site, the Jetta with 1.8T and automatic is listed as 0-60 in 9.3 sec and the Passat with 1.8T and automatic is listed as 0-60 in 9.0? The Jetta I drove seemed seconds faster than my Passat.
Re: acceleration of 1.8T (jeffreynimz)

I believe the 0-60 time for sedans used to be listed at 8.8s with a 1.8T and Tip. The best I have done, and I haven't tried all that hard, is 9.3s. That's close enough to convice me that with effort the posted number could be matched. It is also not very different from the posted number for the Jetta. When your car is broken in, try to time it with a stopwatch. You might well find that perceived difference in performance between the Jetta and the Passat is much larger than the actual difference. If you can get close to 9.5s without trying too hard there is probably nothing wrong with your Passat. Much over 10 and it is likely that there is although driver technique does come into play of course. I am neither a trained race driver nor a habitual street racer so you likely can do as well as I can. I did find there was nearly a second difference between running in full auto (slower) and Tiptronic (faster) modes.
Re: acceleration of 1.8T (KenH)

quote:[HR][/HR]I did find there was nearly a second difference between running in full auto (slower) and Tiptronic (faster) modes.
NO, u cant have a FULL second difference between the full auto and tiptronic mode. I dont FEEL any difference between the two. If it was nearly a second difference.. i would DEFINITELY feel it otherwise, but it's not like that. I think the difference between the two is nothing, even at WOT, if there was a difference, it would be very small and negligible.
Re: acceleration of 1.8T (Bill)

Very well stated Bill.
In my experience with the 1.8t, I thought my manual was slow at first. However this changes once you adjust your driving style.
The 1.8t is a great motor. While an Auto Wagon with the 1.8t is not going to knock your socks off, you will find that it should have pretty decent power once above say 2600 rpm, and should pull very evenly all the way to about 5700rpm where the power peak is. Though, the motor remains smooth well beyond that in my opinion.
The issue here is the tiptronic. Sluggish in the name of refinement.
Here a chip designed for your transmission's computer will help greatly. Improving responsiveness and it will shifting will be crisper.
A chip designed for the Engines computer or ECU(Engine Control Unit) will also help. A chip for the ECU basically allows the turbo to built more pressure, there by compressing air to a greater degree, thereby increasing HP!
Say the stock motor makes 170hp you will gain maybe a bit over 20hp with a chip in most cases. This will make the car more responsive and ultimately faster, but a fair margin.
Upgrading ECUs like Bill said is like tampering. You need to be careful, and be certain that your dealer will not give you a hassle if you do decide to chip.
To some Chips are a no brainer. Others leave well enough alone. I say go through the break in period. Give the car a couple of thousand miles to break in.
During this period, all of these computer controlled devices are going to adapt slightly to your driving style, and you to theirs. You will notice an increase in performance during this period.
If at that point you want more then the chip or chips will be justified.
Previously I had a 1.8t and I added a chip. I had no problems, and there was a very noticeable increase in power.
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