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Hello All,
This may be a really stupid question but I need some input.
I have a 300 whp (or so) A1 rabbit no wheel hop issues whatsoever the car is lowered about 2" (approx guess), control arm is up at the ball joint. Looks like a 7 degree angle
I'm thinking after reading the whole thread on suspension lowering that maybe I need to get the control arms parallel at least. This car
has Nuespeed sports with Boges in the front and has what seems to be extremely stiff springs, I can only compress 1" statically when I put my 200 lbs of body weight near the upper strut mount.
I know by raising the vehicle height the spring weight value will decrease. Is this current high spring rate what is keeping my wheels planted to the ground? Will raising make the vehicle prone to wheel hop?
I just bought the car and am a little clueless in this regard. I guess it was the intention of the PO to have the car look good or is there a
reason that involves the power of this vehicle. I'd like a more compliant suspension if possible even at the expense of looks but not
if the wheels hop.
Or is the wheel hop phenom just worn dampers, if so I feel really stupid posting this???!!
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