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Well i think i may have open a can of worms. After removing the gas tank and all the lines, i decided to remove the accumulator and replace it with a newer used one.
Problem is, i cant get that stupid hosing off the forward main hard fuel line. I tried using a 17mm and 14mm wrench to get it off. Stripped the 14 mm nut. Now the entire housing is loose on the main fuel line.

The 14mm nut is stripped and i can turn it.(on a flare nut or something?) Do i have to replace the entire fuel line going forward? Or can i cut it and crimp it back on somehow. i dont want to have to replace the entire line if i dont have to.
I think i might be able to get the accumulator off but im afraid the line may be damaged. Its a 87 16v btw. your imput will be greatly appreciated. thanks
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