At adam's rotors you build your custom order for your VAG- pick your machine pattern, zinc finish, hub coating, metallurgy, & brake pad/stainless steel line/fluid pkgs!

adam's rotors inc.  started out small and remains that way...a tight knit, self-owned & operated company established & going strong since 2006.  We were birthed in the VAG community, catering to VW & Audi enthusiasts looking for a way to not only upgrade their brake rotors aesthetically, but something beneficial to performance too.

The small outfit and one-on-one interaction creates only the best service w/quick response & even faster made-to-order set-ups. with top notch products, this lends hand to our success thus far.  Working 24/7 throughout the day, any and all questions are answered within the hour to the best of our ability, if not instantly.  Being an online company we do business direct via email, instant message, PM, and over the web in our ever growing threads...we're always here ready to reply!

We are a fully made-to-order, replacement disc brake, rotor manufacturer... we offer only factory fit, OE spec, plug n' play discs for most ANY model VW or Audi application.
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We cater to the car enthusiast who not only needs new brake rotors, but wants something different behind a nice set of wheels.

Our Golf R/R32 application have been best sellers since day one…B5S4’s are a close second.  Be it a mid-size Tiguan SUV, the luxurious Phaeton, a sporty TT, or the all terrain All-road,  we can take care of your VAG no matter the model !

For looks or performance,  adam's rotors  is the only company to bring you over 17+ machine pattern variations (most of which are exclusive to AR), 3 zinc finish offerings, and 5 ceramic-silica hub coating options.


What’s great is our option and your ability top choose!

You pick, what you want at an all-inclusive price- complimentary corrosion prevention, free shipping, choice of drilling, slotting, and/or dimpling- all loaded into our webstore.

Since we can do rotors for any model VAG car, we can really tailor it to your needs- a sportier S4 may want that look with drilling/dimpling incorporate or a more track specific GTI application, strictly our exclusive double slotting.  Bigger and heavier Q7 & Touareg models used to tow and travel down grade, benefit from our designs as well.

If you have more questions, shoot us an email or read more about AR, what we do, and how we do it  here .  You'll also notice some very helpful/informative frequently asked questions listed too!

adam's rotors expertise is in the VW/audi market, but do set-ups for ANY make/models car/truck/van…check to our store!



Because we do what no one else does. AR is a customizable product, having managed to turn a boring replacement product into something different. It's a have-it-your-way, made-to-order modification item ideal for any enthusiast. Now, instead of just picking 1 of 1-3 drilled or slotted rotor styles from off-the-shelf inventory, we offer over 17+ patterns for your choice/taste, how YOU want them. after that pick a zinc for corrosion prevention...silver? Gold? Maybe black? Thereafter you can even add one of our coated hub colors in a satin ceramic finish to finalize your set and truly give them polished, unique look. we now even offer upgraded metallurgy, to a stronger premium grade high carbon iron if you so wish. We at AR believe a rotor ISN'T just a plain ol' service part...rather a fun, custom, cool way to not only enhance the look of your car, but add performance, protection, and something different to your build, with a ton of bang for your buck!

Oh yeah...and they actually perform!!!
Track tested, endurance race team approved; check it out  HERE .


We chamfer each drill hole and pay extreme attention to how we lay down our machining…taking meticulous measures to avoid each and every vent rib; the internal cooling veins in most modern vented brake rotors. AR will not drill a rotor we are unable to do so with and thus unlike most, never have issues. this is another reason why unlike many, we also offer dimples and unique slot patterns, ways of avoiding this and offering better, longer lasting, quality products when we see possible issues with venting. Lastly each set is made for YOU without the limitations of pattern & finish pre-made, “in stock”, off-the-shelf parts have. Instead, we start each order upon payment & cater to your needs/wants for your car.

Read more about AR, what we do, and how we do it  here.   You'll also notice some very helpful/informative frequently asked questions listed too!