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All Golf R Mods are posted to my YouTube Channel. Subscribe here.

August, 2015: (Purchase Date)

March, 2016:

May 2016:

July 2017:

November 2017:

December 2018:

Spring 2019:

Thanks for checking out my build thread. I'll be updating this first post periodically along with build-photos along the way. I'll reserve 'placeholder' posts for updated photo/video-shoots after more serious changes (springs,wheels, ECU tune, lighting, etc.)

Car Original Spec:
  • 2016 MKVII Volkswagen Golf R
  • Lapiz Blue
  • DSG (Dual Clutch Automatic Gearbox)
  • DCC / Nav
  • 19" Cadiz Wheels
Dealer: Noyes Volkswagen, Keen, NH. Salesman, Leo Barrell. Sales Manager, Spencer Noyes
Deal: Paid $38,550 (Invoice), $5,730 down. Financed $32,830 for 63 Months. It was nice to get 25,000 USD for my 2013 Volkswagen Golf R (Onyx White)
Thoughts on Dealer Experience: Superb! This dealership has moved 8 total Golf Rs (2015+2016) this year and they are no hassle, no fuss and exceptionally easy to work with. Deal was completed over email. Test drive performed the day I picked up the R. I had Mods shipped to the dealership that were installed before I picked it up. Getting the car for invoice was remarkable considering the demand.

I stole the template from ElephantTaco's Build Thread. Thanks man!

Mod (Interior)Timeline / Status
LED Glove Box Lighting ES#: 2863507Installed @ Dealer - 8-11-2015
LED Rear Cargo Lighting ES#: 2863506Installed @ Dealer - 8-11-2015 (Replaced w/ DeAutoKey Version)
APR Boost Gauge System + APR Boost TapbInstalled @ Dealer - 8-11-2015 (RMA Replacement 2 months later)
Weathertech MatsInstalled - 8-12-2015
ProClip Angled Mount #854854 + Adjustable Holder for Small to Medium Cases with Cable Attachment #514666Installed - 8-15-2015
Open ArmrestCompleted - 8-12-2015
Aluminum Paddle Shifter Set - Black Anodized ES#: 2952112Installed - 8-15-2015
THINKWARE Dash Cam F750Installed - 9-17-2015
BFI Heavy Weight Shift Knob - Blue AlcantaraInstalled - 5-22-2016 (Removed, Piece of crap)
DeAutoKey Entire Trunk HousingInstalled - 3-2-2016
Travall Boot-Liner (Muddy Buddy Replacement)Installed - 3-2-2016
Muddy Buddy - Trunk Liner ES#: 2818272Installed - 8-15-2015, Returned Doesn't Fit
Expansion Tank Cap - MachinedInstalled - 3-4-2016
Washer Fluid Reservoir Cap - MachinedInstalled - 3-4-2016
Billet Engine Oil Dipstick - PolishedInstalled - 3-4-2016 (Removed, too short, don't buy)
With Polished Billet Aluminum Oil Filter HousingInstalled - 3-4-2016
Oil Cap - MachinedInstalled - 3-4-2016
MINI Rechargeable LED FlashlightInstalled - 3-4-2016 (Removed, stopped working)
Audi A4 OEM Backseat Headrest SwapInstalled - 3-21-2016
ECS Automatic Hatch Pop KitReturned, AWFUL - 3-4-2016
XuJi Black Suede Steering Wheel Cover (Top Bottom Black Leather + Left Right Black Holes Leather + Blue Stitching Thread)Installed - 6-13-2016
LEYO Motorsport-Billet Aluminum KnobsInstalled - 4-3-2017
Center Console TrayInstalled - 6-18-2017
Noico 80 mil 36 sqft car Sound deadening matInstalled - 5-31-2017
Canvasback Liner for MK7 Golf RInstalled - 7-10-2019

Mod (Exterior)Timeline / Status
Heated Blind Spot MirrorsInstalled @ Dealer - 8-11-2015 (Removed, peeling, awful quality)
VW Black Valve Caps TiresInstalled @ Home - 8-12-2015 (Removed, VW logo fell off on all 4 caps)
R Badgeskin BLUE Front + BackInstalled @ Home 8-18-2015
MK7 fender R blade badgeskin BLUE setInstalled @ Home 8-18-2015
Cornering Bulb Replacements - 2x Xtra Bright H7 55W 5000K Xenon Hyper White Headlight via eBayInstalled - 8-12-2015
Millworks Lightened + Quick Release License Plate HolderInstalled @ Home 8-18-2015 (Removed 07/2019)
Go Mini Go (GMG) MK7 Front mount license plate bracket (tow hook)Installed @ Home 7-1-2019
Ceramic 35% Window Tint - Tint King MAInstalled - 8-15-2015
Blue Vinyl VW Badge Replacement - 3M Scotchprint Series 1080 Satin Mystique Blue Vinyl Installed - 8-24-2015
Opti-Coat Pro (Windows, Wheels) + Paint correction + Interior / Leather DetailingInstalled - 8-28-2015
European LED Tail Light Set - Dark Cherry ES#: 2770826 + Harness Installed @ Home 8-20-2015
OEM MK7 Euro Mirror Caps (Brushed Aluminum Look)Installed, 8-27-2015
MK7 - Headunit power button blackout setInstalled, 10-8-2015
DeAutoKey Reverse LED Euro Taillight ReplacementInstalled - 3-2-2016
Custom License PlateInstalled, 12-7-2015
Steel Oil Pan MQB Mk7Installed - 3-11-2016 (One year later, huge rust issues, replaced with USP)
"Volkswagen" Metal License Plate FrameInstalled - 6-12-2016
Wolfsburg / Germany Badge EmblemsInstalled - 6-12-2016
VW OEM Heated Blind Spot MirrorInstalled - 4-11-2017 (ECS Fell apart)
VW OEM Hood Silencer BlanketInstalled - 8-3-2017 (Replacement as stock was sagging)

Mod (Performance)Timeline / Status
Volkswagen Racingline R600 2.0T TSI Intake SystemInstalled @ Dealer - 8-11-2015
ECS StanceEnhance Kit (VWR Springs + Spacers) ES#: 2951394Installed - 8-27-2015 (Springs Remain, Spacers taken off due to rubbing)
SPULEN MK7/A3/S3 Throttle PipeInstalled, October 4th
SPULEN MK7/A3/S3 Turbo Outlet PipeInstalled, October 4th
034 Billet Aluminum MQB Dogbone Mount InsertInstalled, October 8th
GFB DV+ T9359Removed, Issues with Stg II
Bull-X Volkswagen MK7 Golf R Cast Outlet Downpipe (w/ Cat)Installed, October 4th & Install Guide (Removed, July 2017)
United Motorsport Stage II High-Torque ECU + TCU Tune - $1299Started 10/2015. Completed 12/2015
Winter - Advanti HY Hybris Black Painted Wheels + Blizzak LM-32 Tires (225/45R-17)Installed, 11-21-2015, Removed 4-1-2016
Summer - HRE FlowForm FF15 18x8.5 et47 - Liquid Silver w/ Michelin Pilot Super Sport (235/40ZR-18)Installed, 3-28-2016, Tires Removed 4-13-2019
APR IntercoolerInstalled 4-9-2016
Magnetic Oil Drain Plug - With Copper WashersOn cap, change washers each oil change
Silicone Turbo Inlet HoseInstalled - 4-9-2016
APR Turbo Muffler DeleteInstalled - 5-17-2016
SuperPro Sway Bar - Rear 24mmInstalled - 5-17-2016
SuperPro Rear Swaybar link Kit [Heavy Duty]Installed - 5-17-2016
Audi S3/ MK7 Golf R Resonator Delete Kit 8V5-071-904Installed - 6-14-2016
LEYO Motorsport High Flow Turbo Inlet PipeInstalled - 5-16-2017
Performance Front Brake KitInstalled - 5-20-2017
Performance Rear Brake KitInstalled - 5-20-2017
USP Stainless Steel Brake Line KitInstalled - 5-20-2017
VAG OEM RS7 Spark PlugsInstalled - 5-20-2017
CTS MK7 MQB Crank Pulley KitInstalled - 9-17-2017
Replacement Bull-X Downpipe Out of warrantyInstalled - 9-17-2017
Forge Motorsport Turbo BlanketInstalled - 9-17-2017
USP Oil Pan - Painted Steel (Haus of Dub Rusted Through)Installed - 9-17-2017
Replaced OEM DV - 06H-145-710-CInstalled - 10-11-2017
United Motorsport Haldex Gen 5 TuneInstalled - 12-1-2018
Bilstein B16 Damptronic Suspension Kits 49-255874Installed - 4-13-2019
Ignition Coil Set (RS3)Installed - 7-8-2019 (41.5K Miles)


Criticisms are welcome but please keep in mind this is my build. Maybe something I do isn't cool or accepted but this is a learning experience for me and this is my way to document the modifications in an organized way and share photos with the community without spamming other threads. You can follow my in-depth posts on my personal blog's "My Car" section. More links are in my signature. Thank you for joining me in this adventure.


Last Dyno Run: November, 2015)

Since then, I've added:
  • CTS Crank Pulley Kit
  • RS7 Plugs
  • APR Intercooler
  • New VWR Air Filter Revision (more air flow)
  • ECS Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose
  • APR Turbo Muffler Delete
  • LEYO Motorsport High Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe
  • S3 Resonator Delete
  • Updated UM Stage II Software (programable boost & octane)
  • UM Haldex Tune, Gen 5 for 190 rear wheel torque versus 140 stock

Fastest quarter Mile Times: 12.086 Quarter Mile:

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August 27th, 2015 - Mod Status Photos

This update includes all Stage 1 enhancements that I had planned out (Mods #1-17 / Pages 1-5 of this thread). Basically, on first post, any Mod installed up to August 27th, 2015 is showing in this photo This is before Opti-Coat Pro install:

Side Mirrors, LED Tails, Lowering Springs, Spacers, Blue badge skins, Window Tinting, cornering Bulbs, Millworks tow-hook lightened license plate holder,


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MAY 16TH, 2022

Bertha has been sold at 53,149 miles on May 14th, 2022 and I bought it 8-11-2015. A total of 6 years and 9 months or 2469 days :) The car actually sat for most of this time, averaging storage for 6 months out of the year from 2016 and beyond so for about 3 years of its life, it sat in storage waiting for me to drive it. Purchased for $38,550 and sold for $32,000.

here are a few final photos:

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1st Mod: VW Racing R600 Intake - Installed @ Noyes Volkswagen:



Install time was around 40 minutes. Not bad for techs who haven't installed something like this before. The R600 has a nice improvement over stock for one primary reason. The MK7 stock intake only has one side of the plastic open to air flow. The R600 replaces the plastic piece behind the grill and both holes are wide open and all air is pulled directly into the intake via a pre-oiled filter.

During Race Mode intense acceleration, the noise from the intake is noticeable over stock...considerably louder. I can't comment on any power gains but it sounds great, looks OEM and will improve air flow just by design alone. For now, I recommend it.

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Nice thread. Just curious what made you choose VWR over APR for your intake? I'm having a hard time determining which one to purchase.
OEM Look was the biggest seller for me but sadly, the plastic on the VWR doesn't match the rest of the engine plastic as earlier photos suggested. APR looks very sporty and I like how possibly an untrained eye might not know this is an aftermarket part especially with the R logo.

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2nd Mod: APR Boost Tap + Boost Gauge - Installed @ Noyes Volkswagen:



Initial Thoughts:

Purely aesthetics, this is a great looking gauge. It looks very OEM, completely integrated in the AC vent and the vent itself is perfectly molded and colored. It looks as if it came from VW directly. The blue needle color is close enough to my tach/speedometer and the gauge has a white backlight. Install took nearly 45 minutes since one of the connections included with the Boost Gauge was completely torn and had to be cut and re-seated in the connector.

Accuracy, precision and response time of the needle is great. It's not jerky but also not sluggish. As soon as the DSG clutch activates to change gears, pressure drops..let off the gas and pressure drops. It looks great, backlight isn't too bright to distract other car gauges backlights and it just looks really great.

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Mod #3:

UPDATE: I've replaced this with a version from DeAutoKey

LED Glove Box Lighting
LED Rear Cargo Lighting

Installation: Quite easy. Takes just a few minutes. You can't install LED replacements in the Dome lights but these are easy to do and you get a bright white light instead of a yellowish low intensity light. I wish there was an LED light on the left side of the cargo area and not only the right.

After Photos:


Glove Box:

These were cheap and easy and almost an obvious addition to your shopping cart if you're already making a purchase on ECS Tuning.

I'm up @ 2AM installing mods and decided to take a photo. Aside from a street light 75 yards away, it's pitch black. Not a bad low-light shot!

I went for a drive with the OEM lights so I can video-tape cornering lights. I'll install the Xtra Bright H7 55W 5000K Xenon Hyper White Headlight tomorrow and do another video tomorrow night comparing the two light installations.


Final Off-topic note - the report about condensation inside of the headlights affected mine. The passenger side had condensation after a rain storm. Left side did not. I'll keep an eye on it: You can see it at the bottom of the housing

2AM. Gotta get some sleep so I can get up for work in 4 hours. I hope this is the right format and that these posts are beneficial. It takes a lot of time to edit photos and such and I hope it's helpful for people.

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Thanks for the orders, please give customer service a call - We would be happy to split that order! :thumbup:

You guys are good! :)

I just emailed about half an hour ago and they quickly split the order. StanceKit is now separate from the Trunk Liner & Paddle Shifters. Looks like I'll have those in a few days instead of 3 weeks from now!

Great customer service.

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Awesome post Adam, I just e-mailed Leo and let him know I was referred to him by you. Hopefully we can make something happen.

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It looks like VW says it fits the Golf and GTI, but not the Golf R. I've emailed weathertech, and they said they have no ETA for a Golf R rear cargo mat, but hopefully with more on the road in the US that will change.
Thank you for checking on this. so I'll carefully open the liner box, serif it fits and if not, setup an RMA with ECS. That'll be good as well since they should probably update the 'does it fit' tab. Guess I played guinea pig this time around. Would really love a proper liner because the carpet needs protecting. In the winter time, I'm hauling split logs, dirt snow-shoes, boots and other hiking equipment. I want that area to stay clean.

Awesome post Adam, I just e-mailed Leo and let him know I was referred to him by you. Hopefully we can make something happen.
Leo was fantastic. He has zero pressure, didn't even mention Maintenance or Insurance or Clear-Coat Plans. He went over the PDI a few times and even moved my EZPass and license plates off the old car for me. We chatted about England and his family and he was very personable. I'd buy a car form him again, for sure!

Just an FYI, Noyes said their 4 allocated 2016 Golf Rs already have deposits down but they'd take more orders but no guarantee they'd be filled.
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