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2019 Atlas SEL V6
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My wife has a 2019 Q5 with the Audi Adaptive light system. I can't tell if the lights bend in curves. I've read that the degree of turn when going into bends is either 6 or 15 degrees max. Is this true?

Has anyone made changes so that the headlights move with steering wheel input? Here's a video example but the car is in showroom mode.


Today I found the following in Long coding in 09

I coded city light, highway light, rain light, intersection light with route data, predictive afs on my 2019 Tiguan but that is under the 4B module on the MQB platform. It also requires running Basic Settings after making changes to clear the dynamic cornering light error.

I wanted to see if anyone has made such changes to make the headlights work more like ROW models. Reason I want these changes is this enhanced functionality is great on country roads.

If someone has I’d love to know the steps taken. In my signature you can look at my mod doc and under Exterior Lighting I’ve documented this change on my Tiguan as a reference.

Thanks for any help provided.

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