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adjusting timing belt....

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i had a mechanic do my timing belt, and it all seems good, except for the tension. i think that it is too tight, according to the bentley, i should be able to turn it 90 degrees with my fingers. right now, that is pushin it. it seems real tight. i remember a thread a while back about noise coming from an over tight timing belt, and i remember someone said it got better when loosened. this seems to be my problem. so do i need that special tool to adjust the tensioner, or can i do it carefully with some normal wrenches?? timing belt tensioner comments, please...
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Re: adjusting timing belt.... (mhjett)

First off, I'm guessing that the noise that your hearing probably is your timing belt being to tight, and rubbing against the timing belt cover. When the belt it to tight, it pulls it close to the edge, dont worry, you can't get it so tight it pulls it off.
On the timing belt tensioner, I made my own with a kitchen fork. I just bent the two inner "prongs". It works great! All you need to adjust it is a 13mm (I think, my car is covered in snow, so I can't check it) socket wrench, and your homemade tensioner. Take your time and do it right.
Hope this helps some!
Re: adjusting timing belt.... (mhjett)

I use a bike tool made by Park, it is the red pin spanner, about $6 at your local bike shop. Works absolutely perfectly, as if it were made for this purpose. And a socket or box end wrench. Go for it, it's one of the easiest thing there is to do.
Re: adjusting timing belt.... (mhjett)

You need a spanner (see the other replies) and a 15mm socket/wrench.
If the belt is too tight, the car is gonna sound Porsche Boxter'ish (not a good thing, though).
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