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ADP (Armor Door Plates) problem

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Found a pair of NOS ADP Armor Door Plates circa '88 that I had intended to put on the front doors awhile back. Since then I found out the front door handles were generic, now I have Hella OEM door handles, new gaskets, confirmed I have the metal washers for each screw for the handles, and when I go back to insert the ADPs, they still bind and prevent the lock core from turning. Since changing all this the handles w/o ADP work MUCH better. No more generic handles!
The car is an early '90 Golf 4 dr.
I have the written instructions it came w/ and was looking at: http://www.hilleuropa.com/adptips.html
Do I need to go through what is listed on the website?
I thought the Golf/Jetta handles took these w/o any modifications.
Any thoughts?
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Re: ADP (Armor Door Plates) problem (mrvinyl33)

Hmmm... if the Hellas are OE, the ADP's should fit. They fit great on my stock handles ('86), and the Hill website is down, so I can't see their install tips. The only thing I can think of is to lightly grind down on the inside of the internal plate that protects the lock core. Of course, that would mean painting the bare metal afterwards.
Re: ADP (niels_dale)

Go with the file, don't worry it is suppose to be stainless steel.
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Re: ADP (niels_dale)

Ok the site is up now.
I noted the instr. w/ the plates say to remove the large gasket for the handle and if '85-'88 use the thinner gasket in place (starting w/ part#171) and if '88 or greater to not use one, so I am just placing that end on the plate. The other end has the smaller gasket.
I am trying to picture where you mean to file.
Re: ADP (mrvinyl33)

I was just going to mention that you need to use the thinner gasket. Darn.
Re: ADP (Diamond Dave)

Well actually I didn't use the gasket yet as it said to use it for '85'-'88 but not for '88 and up. But I can try it with this thin gasket.
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