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Adv of wider wheels

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Right, I read a review, and they said that wider wheels actually reduce handling and road feedback. Not to mention, increase friction.
But I am a sucker for wider tyres.
What are the advantages of wider tyres compared to a skinnier tyre ?
I personally like wider tyres because I think it looks better, but that is a rather shallow advantage. Let me know please....
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Re: Adv of wider wheels (prana)

Wider tires up to a point increase handling not decrease it. The key is to not overtire your car. So you typically want to go 10-20mm wider than the stock setup. For example, stock Corrado tire width is 205mm, and I went to a 215 and they work well.
It is true that the really wide tires do tend to follow pavement grooves and stuff more, but I also think that is a function of sidewall stiffness as well.
As for greater friction, there is some, but if you stay reasonable, you won't notice it. That greater friction equates to stronger acceleration, harder braking and harder cornering before the tire loses its grip.
Increased friction? That's what you want.
Well, you don't want as much friction while they're rolling, because that kills gas mileage.
A larger contact patch means more rubber to catch the road when you need to launch.
Get whatever you can practically fit on your wheel, or still be able to turn by hand, if you have manual steering
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