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Advise on suspension purchase (Koni/H&R or Neuspeed)

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I am getting a GTI soon (2002 1.8t) and would like to have the suspension and wheels before I get the car so I can get my fix quick
. Now I have decided on the Koni Yellows but I am still undecided on springs. let me start off that I have a 1998 Corvette now and the ride is very stiff. Now saying that and you see what I am used to, I would like a little more comfort for the lady but want to have good handling. Now I would like to have the car fairly low, something like a 1.5 drop or 1.75. I plan to put 18's on her so whatever won't give me trouble is what I would like. So what springs should I get? H&R or Neuspeed and which version. I am nervous because I don't have any dubs to really check out or sit into to compare. My last question is I need an easily place online to order that is in the states, I checked out shox.com but looking for others.
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Re: Advise on suspension purchase (Kode)

H&R Sport springs.
From Mike & Kristin Potter's Virtual World Parts...
Click the links!
For H&R
Or they sell Neuspeed too...I like H&R though...
Re: Advise on suspension purchase (briang)

thank you, so many choices, I just ay the cup kits for a very affordable price, but I am guessing they don't provide the same performance. The main thing I like about the neuspeed race springs is the 2 inch lowering.
Who sells Koni's online?
Re: Advise on suspension purchase (Kode)

Just to make sure I understand correctly, you don't have the car and you haven't spent much time driving the car. So, you don't really know how much stiffer you want the car, how much lower you want the car, and how much lean reduction you want. But, you want to change the suspension before you know how much you need to change it. Seems like the cart before the horse to me. Maybe you won't like what you end up with. And, you'll have to change from your modified suspension. Oh wait, I get it. It's not important where you end up. The suspension change is what you want to do, not necessarily end up with a car that handles and rides exactly like you want. Let us know how it all works out.
Re: Advise on suspension purchase (dmkozak)

Thanks for the help dmkozak
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Re: Advise on suspension purchase (Kode)

The help is to drive the car. Learn what you have first. Then, you can say you want springs so much stiffer and so much lower than what you have. Then, someone can help you pick the springs which will satisfy your requirements. Then, people can help you pick the shocks to go along with the springs you picked. Finally, then, someone can help you decide what swaybar or swaybars, if any, you want.
Unless you know how much you want to change what you have, and this implies knowing what you have, you're just guessing.
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