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Hi, I'm running an Audi 80 B1 with 1300cc engine (gas) but wish to convert to diesel.
There's some 1.6D's available where I live, however they are rare, old and expensive (250 - 300 euro's) and usually beaten down.

However, the 1Y & AEF engines seems to be plentiful. These are indirect injection with mechanical pump. So similar setup like 1.6D.
for a far lower price, less old (10-15y instead of 40) and less kilometers. Also 1.9 instead of 1.6.

Gas to 1.6D is pretty straightforward, and there's plenty of topics to read. But to 1.9 I never read it anywhere. Do you think this is possible, and what do you think will be different than to a 1.6D? Maybe the engine mounts wont fit, or to orig 4spd gearbox? The original B1 Audi80 didnt come with diesel, but B2 did and the B1 and B2 engine mounts are the same (both for diesel&gas).

AEF seems a bit dodgey since dipstick has wrong location, belts run different and needs orig. clutch plate
1Y seems to be the best way:
EDIT3 (Last edit):
The 1.9 SDI's seem to have issues with the crank gear sprocket:
  • Need some advice; 1.9 NA
    • "Can't emphasize enough the problem with the crankshaft on the 1.9 IDI engines. The crank timing sprocket loosens and wobbles and then eventually if not dealt with it will destroy the engine when timing fails. The fix is replacing crank with tdi crank and new timing sprocket, expensive proposition. "
  • VW’s 1.9 TD Problem and Solution - UtterPower.com
  • The 1.6D, especially those out of Golf2's (with better head bolts) seem pretty bulletproof, even if they come at a higher price. I'll try to get those.

Thanks & rgs,
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