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AEZ wheels

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I am looking into getting a Passat and wanted to put some 17's on it. I saw a picture with a brand called AEZ, looked sweet. But I can't find anyone that carries them on the net, and they don't have a dealer in the U.S. (strange, they have Belarus dealer!!!????!!). I think the type of wheels are called SimasX. Anyone else have any 17X8.0 wheels they like?
Thanks, Toby.
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Re: AEZ wheels (JEssat)

i know that momentum motorsports here in vancouver carries those. not local, but on the coast and good exchange rate now.
Re: AEZ wheels (JEssat)

Here you go...AEZ Sales...
Edge Racing
I helped my sister get some Simas 17x7's for her minivan through them...great deal, nice wheels, great service!
Again, they have the Simas X in 17x8 for the B5 (5x112) for $138...a steal IMO!
Good Luck!
Re: AEZ wheels (JEssat)

Edge Racing no longer carries AEZ wheels. They still may have a few left in stock, but they are not getting any new ones. I got a great deal on some AEZ Ecco 2000 a couple of months ago.
Landspeed now carries them though. http://www.landspeedusa.com/products.htm
Look under Volkswagen > Exterior Styling
Re: AEZ wheels (vw20v18t)

vw20v18t is right...ER is no longer the dealer...
I was just letting you know that they have one set of the Simas X that fit the B5 on closeout special as stated above...just don't know about warranty or exchange if something goes wrong!
Probably best to call them... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: AEZ wheels (EDO)

FYI - Edge Racing will still stand behind the AEZ's that they sell. I had a problem with a couple of the dust caps on my wheels, and they are getting me some new ones. You should not have any problems with any warranty or service situations. They are great people to deal with.
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