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And this is why good classic Japanese cars are selling for alarming amounts now.
People want to relive that time when cars felt analog and direct and you were in total control of them.
The Japanese cars actually held up well enough to enjoy again.
OP- I totally understand.
While the (auto only) 2.5T Mazdas seem like nice cars, they just don't make me want to drive them like a good old slow but felt fast Mazda Protege5 did.
I test drove a manual Mazda3s 2.3 hatch when they first came out.
My first reaction was- this is a nice comfortable quick car, but it also feels less visceral than a slower Protege5.
What's more important: speed or feel?
I STILL think about my parents' old protege they purchased new in 2001. Better steering than any car I've ever driven. Frankly, the most fun suspension, brakes, and steering out of any car I've driven. It was all in the feels. Those engineers must have had so much.
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