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Aftermarket downpipe available?

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Does anyone know if there's an aftermarket downpipe available for the A3 Jetta 2.0L? I asked in the G/J3 forums but didn't get any response. Looks like mine is cracked in the flex joint. I checked TT and Eurosport and didn't find anything on the websites. I'd like to avoid the stealership if possible! Someone else out there must have cracked a downpipe before.
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Re: Aftermarket downpipe available? (8v-inside)

quote:[HR][/HR]TT has one http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif [HR][/HR]​
Hmmm...didn't see it on the website. I'll have to give them a call then.
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Re: Aftermarket downpipe available? (DomozitoLK)

quote:[HR][/HR]Dual Downpipe (fits Golf/Jetta II) Also fits G60 Corrado as well as G/J III 2.0L O2 fitting installed.[HR][/HR]​
Didn't see that. Thanks! That's a bit odd though since the 2.0L ABA is taller. I guess it still clears?
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