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Aftermarket radio option?

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Hello all.
My girlfriend has an 2002 Jetta with Monsoon option, she wants to upgrade to a single din radio with MP3 feature.
I have couple questions.
1. Does anybody have a picture of single din radio in a double din space?
2. Will her steering wheel control work?
3. anything else I should watch out for?
picture would be great.
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Re: Aftermarket radio option? (eggyacid)

Wrong Forum... try the Golf IV section
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I got a 2003 with Monsoon. I removed the replaced the radio with an alpine/mp3 (does not diminish the appearance of the instrument cluster). Just take it to a stereo dealer they'll make it look good.. Now the only problem is that I been searching for almost a year to get those steering wheel controls to control the volume/tracks BUT with no luck. I know there is something out there that hooks up to the wire of the control in the steering wheel and uses infrared/remote control signals to the back of the new radio BUT unfortunatelly I havent search deep enough. Some one with information would greatly be appreciated.
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