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I started building a set of BBS RS for my VRT GTi but have recently sold my car and don't want to keep these. I built them to fit a Mk3 with pulled fenders, but they just might work on a stock fender car with a MK2 beam swap and a little bit of camber. They started life as a set of 16x8 and 16x9 5x130. They are now 16x9 and 16x11. I have roughly measured out the ETs and they are et32 up front and et13 in the rear give to take a few mm. The faces have been milled down for better fitment and have also been redrilled to 5x100. The front lips are 2inch and the rear lips are 4inch. I have not put these wheels together. They come with all brand new chrome bolts. They also come with a set of euroimage flat caps and a set of half height caps. The faces are done in a 50/50 finish. Half polished and half powdercoated a bright metallic silver. Also included are 4 brand new tires. 205/40/16 nexens for the fronts and 225/40/16 falken 512s for the rears. It is impossible to find matching tires for those sizes.

Price is $3000obo

Located in Florida

Will be going to H2Oi so i can bring these with me if there is a serious buyer.

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