Volkswagens are notorious for having limited storage space. If you like to keep everything neat and organized you probably find yourself struggling to keep small items like coins and pens and larger items like your cologne or your wallet organized inside your center console.
Neat freaks rejoice! Now there is a simple and cost effective accessory to easily organize your center console. Introducing the Aggressiv Center Console Organizer, simply open your center console and the organizer tray drops right in place. The organizer is designed to store small items such as coins, pens, and cell phones. Larger items are easily stored under the organizer and accessed by lifting up the organizer. Now everything can have its own place within your center console.
This is not a universal organizer; it is specifically designed and molded for the center console of your Volkswagen. Specific organizers are available for the Volkswagen MK5 Jetta, GTI, Rabbit, R32, MK6 Jetta, GTI, Golf, Golf R, B6/7 Passat, and CC.
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MK5 Jetta, GTI, Rabbit, R32
MK6 GTI, Golf, Golf R
VW MK5-6 Installed 1

VW MK5-6 Installed 2

VW MK5-6

MK6 Jetta
VW MK6 Jetta Installed 1

VW MK6 Jetta Installed 2

VW MK6 Jetta

B6 and B7 Passat, CC
VW CC Installed 1

VW CC Installed 2