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I just did the wiper mod, the one in which you shave off the little tabs so the spring holds tighter. Took me about 20 minutes all together. It is so beautiful... works awesome. I recommed this to everyone who hasn't yet. WOOO HOOO!!! I can see!!!

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Re: Ahh... the wiper mod... (Cyterio)

Here you go,
Tools Needed:
Dremel or Equilivalant
Shop towel
1. Lift up both wipers
2. Take the blades off
3. Notice that the hook for the blades do not touch the windsheild
4. Look at pic attached and see that the two "idiot stops" have been grined off
5. Now you can do this by carefully using the dremel
6. Before you start put the shop towels over the areas that you don't want metal shards to get to.
7. Grind away untill the hook for the blades touches the windsheild
8. Rinse car off with a hose do this till you are positive the metal shavings are all gone
9. Wash car
10. Put blades back on
11. Put the wiper assembley back down
12. Test with a hose to see that it works
13. If not clean wipers / windsheid / buy new wipers
14. See in the rain
Good luck,
Ryan Kennard
If you have any more questions or want pics of how to do it email me

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Re: Ahh... the wiper mod... (Que Aleman)

HUH... you mean you guys left the wipers on the car while you tried to shave off the tabs??? It took me about 10 minutes per wiper, I just popped them off the car took them in the house and went to it.
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