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Air Flow Sensor Not Covered in Warrantee?

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Air Flow Sensor Not Covered in Warranty?


The check engine light and "Emissions Workshop" message in the display points to a flawed mass airflow sensor, replacement $625.
But, VW doesn't cover it ("it's only the engine & transmission that's covered" says the service rep -- "but isn't this gizmo required to run the engine" I ask) and he says that the normally comprehensive California Emissions law (requiring a 10 year warranty on emissions components) was revised to stop covering this part after 1999.
And mine is a 2000 Passat, 1.8T.
Anybody have to deal with this yet?


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Re: Air Flow Sensor Not Covered in Warrantee? (EZ)

i had this exact problem on my 2000 jetta vr6. i blamed the fault on my overoiled K&N filter...make long story short i brought hte car to the dealer put back my stock air filter and let them fix the problem. now my car is stil under warranty that time so they had talked to the VW rep. VW paid for the part (650 CAD$) but i still have to pay labor...good thing they covered the part...
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