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Air Flow Sensor Not Covered in Warrantee?

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Air Flow Sensor Not Covered in Warranty?


The check engine light and "Emissions Workshop" message in the display points to a flawed mass airflow sensor, replacement $625.
But, VW doesn't cover it ("it's only the engine & transmission that's covered" says the service rep -- "but isn't this gizmo required to run the engine" I ask) and he says that the normally comprehensive California Emissions law (requiring a 10 year warranty on emissions components) was revised to stop covering this part after 1999.
And mine is a 2000 Passat, 1.8T.
Anybody have to deal with this yet?


[Modified by GKah, 11:48 PM 2-12-2002]
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Re: Air Flow Sensor Not Covered in Warrantee? (GKah)

This is good stuff - can't wait to hear the outcome! That wouldn't be much like a dealer to try to screw you, would it?

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