Air Lift Performance is a staple within the aftermarket suspension industry.  In recent years, their air suspension kits have helped to keep many Volkswagens high enough to be out of harms way during normal commuting, while being able to sit lower than previously possible when parked.  It goes without saying then, that owners of each generation and chassis are looking to get in on the fun.  With a European debut of the Air Lift Performance ALP Threaded Body Strut Kit at this year's Edition 38, the firm aims to reach a wider audience than previously possible.

Read the full Press Release below.

Northampton, UK- Air Lift Performance is proud to announce the European premier of their new ALP Threaded Body Strut Kit on Zac Miles’ Mk1 Volkswagen Golf, featured prominently in the Forge Motorsport booth at Edition 38.


The Stratos Blue Mk1 Golf is the result of enormous time and effort, parts from both Air Lift and Forge, as well as countless one-off touches. Zac Miles is “thoroughly impressed with the ride quality of this kit. As compared to a daily driven static ride this hands down is the best suspension setup I have ever been in.”


“We were delighted to team up with Zac and Forge on this project,” said Brian Vinson, Engineering Manager for Air Lift Performance.  “Now, Zac is enjoying four inches of fully adjustable ride height to slam his beautiful car down for the show, or easily raise it up with the push of a button to get over any impending road obstacles.  With our 30–level adjustable monotube dampers, front camber plates and a lightweight, easy to install control system, this MK1 becomes a versatile daily driver that will get you to your destination in comfort while putting a smile on your face while carving the corners!”


“I would highly recommend the ALP kit to anyone who is looking for adjustability, comfort, and overall excellent ride quality,” Zac Miles asserts, “Air Lift hit a home run when developing this setup for the MK1!”

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