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Air supply and compressor questions----

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I am having a slight issue with my compressed air setup at my house.
I have a 60gallon single stage IR COMPRESSOR,the pressure exiting the compressor is regulated to about 110psi.Now this setup is in my 2 car garage where all my tools,and work is located.I recently got into powdercoating which is done in my basement(small setup,but ventilated,etc...).The powdercoat gun only requires like 10psi which is no big deal.However in another part of the basement is where I prep---sandblast,beadblast etc....I was having an issue with water vapor in the lines which is no good for sand.So I added a regulator,water seperator,decissant filter inline.The basement regulator reads 110psi of supply pressure at all times,but I am losing pressure at the exit of the line(meaning--using a blower --at first the air is coming out normal then,quickly drops off.If I shut off the blower pressure will return after a couple seconds,but does the same thing over and over.Mean
while the pressure on the regulator never drops more than a couple psi...whate gives---restriction?the section of line after the regulator is maybe 20ft long.
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sounds like ice, pressure really isn't the issue, it's volume. light duty compressors have an small orifice somewhere to restrict the flow so the motor won't die trying to keep up. This causes freezing I thought about doing sandblasting on larger items, I have a large industrial compressor, 200 psi. Using a tiny speedyblast my regulator starts freezing.
You can buy an additive to prevent freezing, try local tire stores for a good recipe of antifreeze and lube. bad for painting though, you must use a cooler and drier for consistency with PC. Perhaps a heater of some type right on the regulator might help/
I gave up on blasting when I saw what the big kids use, 650 cfm, uses a ford flathead for a STARTER. Property of longwoods metal finishing in deering NH.

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Re: Air supply and compressor questions---- (deeeGLI)

There are these refrigeration type dehydrators/water separator. High pressure going to low pressure with the right temperature and humidity causes the frost. I guess your dissicant offers restriction to air flow. Myabe the pressure regulator should be the last thing, before the air outlets
Re: Air supply and compressor questions---- (jorge r)

you need to consider the cfm requirements of the sandblaster, not psi.
most likey your single stage i/r 60 gallon does not meet the needs of the sandblaster to start with, combine that with a drop in cfm by using small diameter hose and voila. sucking a tennis ball through a straw.
you may need to upgrade the diameter of your hose/piping. also check the cfm rating on all your inline accessories.
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