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Hi everyone,

I recently installed the Airlift performance series kit on my 2016 GLI. I had the H&R ultra low coilovers previously and have had a nagging issue with what feels like a dead strut ever since.

The airlift struts in the front are set to the same height, (2 1/4 inch from bag plate to top of lock ring.) and run the car at 45 PSI front and rear.

The issue I "feel" is that the right front just feels spongy or dead compared to the left. In normal straight line driving, hitting bumps you'll feel the other 3 corners respond, but the right front just eats it and feels numb. Cornering right feels stable, but when cornering left the car dips into the right front corner and will shimmy left and right if going fast enough. It just feels sloppy. I have the dampening set at 20 clicks, 10 off of max stiffness on both left and right struts. I have found that maxing out the left side dampening stiff and maxing down the softness for the right dampener can act as a bandaid for getting the suspension to feel like it cycles evenly with the left.

In chasing down these problems I've installed the following:
RCAs, white line sway bar front and rear, race line adjustable end links, subframe deadset kit.

all bushings and suspension components look good (50k miles on the car.) I've also recently had to replace the pillow ball bearings on the front struts as they went bad after about 5k miles.

Anyone else encounter issues like this? It's driving me nuts to the point where I honestly have been thinking of going back to my stock suspension.

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