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Alarm ??'s(93' B3 VR6)

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The alarm quit working the other day. I've tested all the circuits as per the Bentley, from the alarm module. The only one I'm getting any issue with is the continuity check to the ignition switch. The switch was actually acting up in the summer, so I purchased a new one, and was going to change sometime this winter.
As the alarm ,I imagine , receives its power from the switch when off, could the contacts be giving too much resistance or not touching all together??
Does the alarm module have issues often in the B3's? Any thoughts or similiar exp's would be appreciated.
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Re: Alarm ??'s(93' B3 VR6) (450hpvr6)

More than likely the door pins. Someone else had a similar problem a while back and it was the door switch/pins.
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