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The VW factory alarm beeps when you set it and flashes lights, for some reason on only a few instances the "beep" didn't sound? this has only happened a few times in the 8 months I've had it. Not sure what's up?
All my doors and windows were closed. Anyway has this happened too anyone else?
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Re: alarm (Silver GLS 1.8T)

is ur trunk closed?
that is what was wrong with mine....
Re: alarm (Silver GLS 1.8T)

It won't beep if your trunk is unlocked.
Re: alarm (Zuber Speed)

ya my trunk was closed, I have it set so whenever I shut it she locks.
Re: alarm (Silver GLS 1.8T)

ya but sometimes it's not closed enough.
Or the hood.
Or one of the doors isn't fully shut.
Generally it's my hatch isn't fully shut either.
Re: alarm (landrumdh)

you may try pushing in your radio if you had something done to your radio it may just need to be pushed in untill it clicks... i think http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: alarm (Silver GLS 1.8T)

If a door ,front or rear hood,or radio not seated,the alarm horn won't beep,usually in your case a door switch is malfunctioning,these have been updated
Re: alarm (Silver GLS 1.8T)

Sometimes when you open the passenger door while the sunroof is closing and the key is still in the ignition, when the roof closes and the driver gets out and locks all doors the alarm doesn't beep...however it does beep 30 seconds later. It's a timed delay because of the sunroof.
This happens to me every now and then when the roof is closing when the car is off while passengers open their doors to exit.
Re: alarm (SL 1.8T)

Sounds like that may be the problem, thanks bro
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