Model:Golf R
Mileage:67100 M
The time has finally come to sell my Golf. Bought new in October 2015 (still have all the original paperwork, window sticker, etc.) and driven pretty much every day since. Clean title, no accidents on the Carfax (trying to get a copy of that to upload here). Comes with a set of winter wheels and tires with plenty of tread. Tread on the summer tires are good. There are better examples cosmetically for sure, but you'll pay for them. This isn't the most highly detailed garage stored car, so if that's what you want, look elsewhere. Also, if you are allergic to dogs, look elsewhere... There are dog hairs embedded in the carpets I will never get out. However, if you want a runner, this is it mechanically. It gets driven. Once oil is hot, the engine sees redline multiple times a day. Been like that since I bought it. It does not burn a drop of oil and has never given me any real issues.

Stock aside from stiffer shifter cable bushings and a street dogbone insert.

Dealer maintained up to 50k miles (I have receipts for everything). Since then, I have done:

Oil changes every 10k miles with mobile 0W-40 (last one 66k miles, 4/22)
Rear rotors and pads at 55k miles, 2/20 (oe stuff from ECS)
VW replacement battery, 10/20
Engine air and cabin filters at 66k miles, 4/22 (Mann)
Spark plugs at 66.5k miles, 5/22 (oe from ECS)
Front rotors and pads at 66.5k miles, 5/22 (oe rotors, ebc yellow stuff pads)

I did oil analyses every 10k miles up to 40k miles just to see if VW was bs'ing me with the intervals. Long story short, they weren't (see below for the most recent analysis, which encompasses the others as well).

The "issues":

The front bumper was replaced after I hit a chunk of ice in the road about 5 years ago. I obviously have all paperwork involved with that. It was done by a local collision shop. Plus side is there are no holes drilled in the front bumper. This does not show up on Carfax.

There are rock chips in the hood. See pictures.

There are rock chips in the windshield, one was repaired through insurance. I can't really tell a difference from before and after they repaired, so that kind of sucks. I have the paperwork for that.

There are a few big scratches on the passenger rocker panel. I bought some touch up paint and tried to make it look better thinking I was a wizard with paint. I wasn't, however, it does look better than the black plastic that was exposed before I painted. See pictures. Touch up paint is included if you are in fact a wizard with paint.

There are two very small tears in the left side bolster on the driver seat (see pictures) caused by a jacket zipper. This happened back in 2017 and they haven't deteriorated since then.

There are probably other little things that have missed cosmetically ... honestly I have used this for everything in my life over the past 6+ years, so you will probably find something else if you look hard enough. I feel like it is priced appropriately, but if you want to negotiate I am open to that ... this is one of the virtues of vwvortex.

Feel free to comment or shoot me a message if you have any questions or want any more pictures. I do still drive this so mileage will increase as time progresses.

Pictures in Dropbox here: Golf R

Thanks guys!