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so my car has had a very bad alignment ever since I converted to 5 lug plus suspension.

this pic is with the knuckle pushed in all the way negative camber.
this is what it looks like with the knuckle pulled all the way out and the ball joints pushed all the way in. obviously it is still very off.

my setup consists of subframe/steeringrack/tie rods/swaybar/control arms from a 1998 jetta glx. the knuckles/ball joints/calipers etc are from a 1993 corrado slc.
ball joints are brand new. tie rods are brand new.
im using brand new camber bolts from the dealership as well. but for some reason the car does not have enough adjustment to get anywhere near the correct alignment. I am going to be getting new tires this month so I wanna resolve this problem before that happens.
thanks in advance.
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