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I put my new B&G rs line coilovers in on sunday and they are unreal---great setup. I knew my camber and stuff was off by quite a bit, but i was going in for an allignment anyways so didnt think much of it. I went to pick up my car today at a dealership in town here (Goderich) and they said they didnt want to try and allign it because it was a lowered suspension. First of all, the coils are cranked up right now in winter, and secondly, they didnt have to wait till 5 pm to tell me that.
Anyways, heres the question i am wondering---he told me some numbers:
Left....+1.12 right.....-1.30
Left.....+3.28 right.....+2.54
Left....-.22 right....+.16

I know that its out quite a bit, but does any one know where i could get this taken care of in the london area? i know the honda dealer there has a nice "rack"......
Pics for views in winter mode:

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