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Re: All photshop Pic Post=) (VWRice)

Those are some cool looking pix, if you did them iv got a few pointers for Photoshoping.
- 1: when you increase the size of the wheel you need to focus on leavening enough tires so that the car could actually be driven... like leave a lill bit of black all the way around the tire to simulate the tire being on the wheel, rather than the wheel having no tire at all.
- 2: next when you lower the car one thing to look at is trying not to create any areas that wouldn’t be there if the picture were real for example in the wheel arches you shouldn’t see any background between the wheel\tire and the body molding, a good example of this is on the SEAT the space between the tire and the rear bumper that area should be blacked some how.
- 3: when replacing the wheels on a car try and alter the wheel if you’re going to use it in the front of the car and then that exact same wheel in the rear. Example the SEAT the breaks in the wheels, flip the pic of the wheel so it looks like the front wheel is different. Makes it look different.
- 4: again when placing any outside part on a picture, be it a wheel, new lights, grill etc.. in Photoshop you should always use the auto contrast and auto color tool and play with the other adjust menu controls so that the new wheels on the car look like they belong there!

Great pix keep photocroping!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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