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OK, This is going to be a little long but there's going to be alot of
information here. Please read if you have spacers or are interested
in purchasing some spacers.
1st the difference between the Version II 8mm spacers, 10mm &
12mm spacers versus the 15's & 20mm spacers & why they don't
fit some wheels (mostly aftermarket wheels).
Here is a pic of a 12mm spacer next to a 15mm spacer

Now if you look at the hub part of the spacer you will see the
difference between the two.
Here is close-up of the 12mm spacer

Here is a close-up pic of the 15mm spacer

You see, the way the hub centric ring is designed is
different between the 2 spacers. The Version II 8,
the 10mm & the 12mm spacers were designed with
original wheels in mind & they will not work on some
aftermarket wheels.
Here is a example pic of a 12mm spacer that does
not fit a aftermarket wheel. The tip of the pencil is
under the spacer because the spacer does not sit
flat against the wheel. It is a must that the
spacers sit completely flat & sit tightly against your
wheel otherwise they will not work properly.

Wheel bolts
Here is a pic of the two different kind of bolt seats
that are out there for your VW & Audi. The pencil is
pointing to the conical seat, the other bolt is a ball

All original VW & Audi wheel bolts are ball seat.
Most aftermarket wheels are conical. Some BBS
wheels are also Ball seat. You must know what
bolt seat your wheels use before you order longer bolts
to go with your spacers.

Here is how to measure you wheel bolts

Always measure the wheel bolts that came with
the wheels that you are planning to use with the spacers.
Hope this information is helpful. If you have any other
questions, post away. I will try to answer them as they
come. With the search down, it will be little difficult to
moniter this post, so keep it up for a while so all can see it.

All 4-lug VW's have 12x1.5mm bolts all 5-lug VW's are 14x1.5
Everyone who is interested in wheel spacers, please read the two
post before ordering them from us. Almost all your questions that
everyone has asked & is asking has been addressed it the two post.
5mm spacer Q&A & pics

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