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Allan McNish made a blog post late last week where he recounted the frustration of Petit Le Mans in his own words. As usual, Audi's legendary Scot shares plenty of insight into the experience. Below is the text. Below that are links to Allan's official website as well as our own photo gallery from Petit Le Mans. Enjoy.

Petit Le Mans 2011 certainly set itself up to be a closely contested affair and one of the races to definitely be at, and I would agree, having been involved in it, certainly not from our point of view, but from the fans side, it was amazing from the number of spectators that were there and also the fights going pretty much down to the wire. LMP1 was looking as if that battle was going down to the wire but unfortunately, for Audi, it didn’t. Our fortunes went by the wayside a lot earlier on. There was a re start after about half an hour, in the 53 car traffic to snake its way down through the Esses and Tom unfortunately had small contact with Jonny Mowlem, which didn’t affect his Lotus at all but it damaged the rim of our car, which then sent Tom flying across the grass which caused a little bit more damage. He came in to the pits, which put us out of sequence and a couple of laps down. Later on, when I was in the car, we were making up ground, I was into 5th position and starting to challenge 4th. There was a big gaggle of cars, I over took them coming into turn 6, which is a long right hander into a tight one, and unfortunately one of the GT cars that I had just over taken, just miss judged his breaking, and hit me straight up the back, which damaged the right rear wheel, and also punted me into another car, so damaging the nose. It was a bit like a motorway accident. I can’t say I blame the GT car too much because there were six cars and just one piece of track, it’s just unfortunate the way it is with that amount of cars on such a small circuit. Then, on the way back to the pits, the clutch got damaged, so effectively that put us right out of contention. But the ‘Never say die’ attitude of Audi Sport, we repaired it and continued, even though we were 50 laps down, but then had to stop later on due to the affects of all of the knocks and bangs on the steering systems, and so it was felt best not to risk anything in the circumstances when we were in such a position. So I have to say, another very frustrating and disappointing event, because this one particularly, over the course of the year, we had the performance to take victory. The pure speed in pretty much every area we were in very good shape. But we go home with no trophy. That is the first thing. We also go home with that little bit of, I was going to say heavy weight been lifted off pur shoulders, but we have got one more race coming up, which is China, and we now know what we need to do with the car, to try to take the final race victory of 2011.
Allan's Blog on AllanMcNish.com

Fourtitude Petit Le Mans Photo Gallery
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