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I've been doing some reading and thinking upon things to do with my car, and acceleration. It's a moderately lightned MK2 VR6.
I was thinking, how can I make the most of what I've got..power wise, rather then go generate gobs more of it.. I want to see what thought are..
I would love to maxamise traction in first gear, from a rolling start just nail it and make the best use of power. I can do that already (205 Falken Aznis) I baciaclly don't want to waste any traction..and perhaps a 268's, chip intake exaust will do that? What do you think? It'd be great if I could fill it up (availble traction) from a roalling start with as much as 15% slip on stright/flat roads in warm/hot dry weather on my falkens. Then I'd learn how to make best use of a launch. So nothing in waisted, and I didn't need to use any N20 (mentioned later) to make it. I'd like to take the car up to 7 grand so I can hit 40 mph in first. That's a nice cruzing speed and could get there in a flash.
I could go get boost, but I don't know if I could use all of it in first (just to make up for it, of corce, in second) however, I'd like to take the car up to 7 grand so I can hit 40 mph in first. I could use nitrus to make up the difference in second for the track.
what are the thoughts on my theory? I'm all about effective efficient use not wast to go spin?..
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