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Sorry, I got it backwards. The website says Park Distance Control (Park Pilot), but the S and SE both ship with Parking Steering Assist (Park Assist).

Park Pilot shows you the steer angle and proximity to objects.

Park Assist steers your car for perpendicular and parallel parking.

The order sheet from VWOA lists both: https://www.vwwebsource.com/content/uploads/2016/10/MY2017_Retail_Order_Guide_US_golf-alltrack.pdf
Ah - got it. Very nice (I have a '16 GSW and have Park Pilot and Park Assist).
I'm not surprised the website is wrong - although that build sheet is from October '16 so it's entirely possible that the builds have changed. There are a couple of threads in the Golf/GTI forum about people buying cars that ultimately didn't come with features alleged to be standard parts of the trim they bought...seems like VW was having trouble or was making adjustments on the production lines early in the '17 production runs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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