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Ok, so after all the years that i have been on here (kinda like one) i have read story after story about stupid freaking deer jumping out in front of our rides, and i have to admit i have had a couple of close calls in many cars, including porsches, through nissans, but Tonight, tonight takes the cake.
I have to admit that I am a spirited driver most any time behind the wheel and tonight was absouluty no different.
I am driving on south bound 495 in fairfax county VA, and i take the gallows road exit (west) im doing about 55 (85) on the off ramp and im taking the curve quite well when i see something kinda of twinkle in the distance, its small so i think nothing of it, and all the sudden i see two bucks standing dead center in the middle of the road. I slam on my brakes and my hands immideatly go up in the defense driver position, left hand on the wheel and the right on the stick shift, i down shift hard into 4th and hit the brakes which slowed me down hard, but at the same time my right hand starts making its way to the ebrake(stupid i know) but to my gratful surprise i stopped like 10-12 feet away from the two potential summer barbque contestants in front of me, without laying down anyrubber. I have to say, not only am i thankful that the Good Lord saved my arse, but my whip aswell. i got mad right after, and watn to now hunt deer, i was super thankful that i had 4 disc brakes and that my car, other then scared. shes sensitive.
anyway, thought i would just tell some of you that would appreicate the story
cheers to you
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