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Alternator belt help....really quick

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How hard a job is it to change your alternator belt, I know you have to remove the two v belts but is that really hard? Can anyone suggest something for a slipping top connection, I tighten it and it slips down.
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Re: Alternator belt help....really quick (Pedmaster)

Tighten it more and replace your belts. Don't forget the "hidden" ps pump bolt
i'd say its more of a pita job then a hard job. Not much room to work in there.
Oh yea you might try thread lock if the bolt is coming loose or put on on of the adjuster arms with the splines with the splined nut on the bolt. You know the normal G/J one.

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Re: Alternator belt help....really quick (Pedmaster)

hey, I think I can help, do you have two wrenches when youre tightening your alt belt??, one to hold the "slipping part" from grinding its gears and loosening, and one to tighten the bolt to keep it from slipping. im not sure of 16vs, cuz mines been reliable enough to never have to mess with it, but on 8vs, use a 6mm socket to tighten, a set of allen sockets are a sound investment.
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