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Hello all, not really sure if this is the right section for this but, car is a 2002 VW Jetta. It originally had a 2.0 and i swapped in a 1.8t. Got it immobilizer defeated and stage 2 flashed and dove it for about a week just fine and then the battery started to die on me when trying to start it. Figuring that the recent cold snap here in NY had affected the battery, i got a new battery. This didnt help and it started dying randomly while driving. So i replaced the alternator. Ive gone over all the grounds and fuses and everything i can think of and cannot seem to find this issue. I know that the alternator fields are turned on and off by the ECU, but am not sure how i can test if this is actually the issue.

The car, after a full charge, will run for about 20 miles. After that my boost gauge shuts off, my dash lights dim down, rpm gauge sticks in one place, no throttle response, and the engine eventually dies. Once dead, after being jumped, the car will run for about 3 miles before doing the same thing again. :banghead:

I recently acquired vag com, but am not very sure on how to navigate it, and am unsure if there is anyway to use this to help

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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